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The Association of Racing Drivers Schools (ARDS) represents all the Racing Schools in the UK and is recognised by the Motorsport UK, which delegates the responsibility for regulating member Racing Schools and for licensing circuit instructors to ARDS.

ARDS Member Schools operate the initial Novice Drivers Training Course - previously known as the ARDS test, and a requirement for drivers applying for their first race licence - as well as the Advanced and Junior Drivers Race Training Courses. All ARDS members also run experience days, corporate days and manufacturer days; some also run track days for drivers wanting to use their own cars on track.

All events and activities run by ARDS members are managed by experienced, qualified personnel and employ only ARDS licensed instructors. This means that whilst carrying out instructing duties (as the driver or passenger) for any ARDS Approved Venues or at any Motorsport UK licensed venue in the UK and FIA licensed venue in the EU you can be assured that it is;

- Professionally run by fully accountable companies
- Protected by appropriate insurance cover arranged by ARDS
- Using regularly maintained, suitable cars and specialist vehicles
- Fully approved by the venue owner and local planning authorities
- Run at a venue which is subject to annual inspection and licensing by the Motorsport UK
- Has appropriate paramedical support for all operating days
- Has suitable facilities for driver briefing, driver training and spectators

If you want to find an ARDS member school where you can take your ARDS test - or you would like to find out more about becoming an ARDS instructor - this site should provide the answers. And if you are looking for more advanced race tuition, driving experiences, corporate days or manufacturer events please click on the links to ARDS member schools and they will help you find the approved specialist expertise in your area.

Please note that is the only Official Website for the Association of Racing Drivers Schools Limited. No other websites represent the views of or carry any authority from ARDS. For information you can rely on we strongly recommend you use only this website and the websites of the Motorsport UK and ARDS Member Schools for which you can find links from this web site.

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who's who


Chairman: Pat Blakeney

Deputy Chairman: Peter Edwards

Company Secretary: Graham Marshallsay

Administrator: Sally Blakeney -

Richard Peacock (Anglesey)

Graham Marshallsay and Alan Cooper (Castle Combe)

Bill Coombs and Pat Blakeney (Croft, Thruxton and Pembrey)

Stuart Gray and Alan Brunton (Knockhill)

Sam Medcraft (Goodwood Motor Circuit)

Peter Alexander and Nick Rice (MotorSport Vision)

Richard Young and Donal O'Neill (Kirkistown Race School)

Pete Edwards and Melanie Edwards (The Motorsports School) 

Steve Deeks and Phil Ellis (Silverstone)

ARDS Schools


novice drivers training course

novice drivers training course

If you are an aspiring racing driver and would like to gain a competition licence you need to complete a novice drivers training course at an ARDS member school. All the information you need to get started is contained in the Go Racing starter pack which can be purchased from an ARDS School or Motorsport UK.

The pack includes a Competitors' Yearbook ('blue book' containing the UK motorsport regulations, lists of scrutineers and other useful information), a DVD, a novice licence application form and full instructions on the procedure for obtaining a Race Inter Club Licence. Current cost £107 (inc VAT and delivery and first licence fee).


Junior Drivers, those aged between 14 and 16 years, must in accordance with the Blue Book regulation Q3.4.5 undertake an extended ARDS test. All ARDS Schools are approved to conduct the Junior Driver Test, and each school has designated S Grade instructors who are trained and approved to carry out junior driver testing. Please note that no other ARDS Schools or Instructors are authorised to conduct the Junior Driver ARDS test.

Please note that no other ARDS Schools or Instructors are authorised to conduct the Junior Driver ARDS test.