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Marcus Carniel

Marcus Carniel


I have raced successfully since 2005, mainly in Porsches (wins and podiums in rear mid and front engine models) but also MX5, Funcup and Tiga & Lola sports cars. Background and results can be found on my blog site (look for the earliest posts from 2012 to see profile etc).

I am experienced in racing school work as well as corporate and hospitality days but mainly for private individuals on track days (Porsches usually, but a variety of others too), whether for one client or two on the same day which reduces costs (each car & driver need a rest between sessions whilst I can move straight into another car).

I'm local to Oulton Park and Three Sisters, 90 minutes from Donington Park or Anglesey (Ty Croes) and I have experience at most other UK circuits and some international ones.

During 2016-2022 I've done a number of days at Silverstone, Brands Hatch and Rockingham on corporate experience days but also one to one sessions driving and instructing in road based cars (such as Lamborghini Huracan, BMW M3, Porsche GT4, GT3 RS and Carrera GT, Lotus Exiges & Caterhams) as well as pre-race coaching in race cars such as Aston Martin, Caterham, Ginetta, Porsche (resulting in podium finishes and a 2018 Championship win).

I'm able to work to people's ability, communicate well and put them at ease, provide positive encouragement as well as constructive criticism. I'm also able to work well within a team, important for corporate days with lots of staff and clients, where taking direction is important, as is being able to use one's initiative and think dynamically, with the quality (and safety) of the client experience being the biggest objective.

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